Letter to the community

I haven’t been able to meet the demand. This is because:

1) I wasn’t prepared to get so many people on it. This resulted in terrible game-request methods and stats validation methods.
2) I lack the budget to immediately put up systems that will cover customers’ needs, although I have clear ideas of how to do it.
3) Knowing this is incredibly frustrating as I completely understand I missed up on one of my best opportunities ever. This clouded my judgement.
4) Muscle relaxation meds have made me sleep for over 12 hours a day lately. I quit them today because I’m barely ever awake.

What I intend to do about it:

– Apologize on the site and get the site up and running with all the systems it needs as soon as possible. I’m sorry for troubles I might have caused. I want to do it the right way, and I know I how.

Maybe you guys will give me a second chance when this is done right.

Thank you.



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